If you want tighter, firmer, and younger-looking skin, but you don’t want to have an invasive procedure with tons of downtime, Monarch Aesthetics in Estero and Fort Myers, Florida has the perfect answer: skin tightening with Lumenis® M22 ResurFX™ laser. This noninvasive laser triggers new collagen and elastin growth below your skin surface to give you increasingly tighter skin over the months ahead. Click the online scheduler, or book your appointment by calling the location nearest you today.

Skin Tightening

Why does my skin grow thinner and looser over the years?

As you age, your skin gets thinner. You also make less of the body’s skin support material, collagen, and less of the material that keeps skin elastic, elastin. These things can combine to leave your skin feeling and looking loose or crepey.

Is surgery the only way to tighten my skin?

No. In fact, many men and women are able to avoid surgery, or at least delay it for a long time, through noninvasive skin tightening with the Lumenis M22 ResurFX laser at Monarch Aesthetics.

With surgery, a doctor actually has to make incisions, pull the skin tighter, trim off extra skin, and then stitch it back into place. As a result, a face-lift is a serious procedure with substantial downtime and a painful recovery. The Lumenis M22 ResurFX laser takes a different approach: no incisions, no downtime, no skin removal. It works inside your body to help you tighten your skin on your own.

How does laser skin tightening work?

Your Monarch Aesthetics care provider can start with a topical numbing cream in the treatment area. The laser also numbs your skin during the treatment. You’ll wear a pair of protective goggles and simply relax for the session, which typically lasts less than an hour.

As your care provider moves the laser over the areas where your skin is sagging, the fast laser pulses travel into the skin layer where you create new collagen and elastin. It heats this deep skin layer to stimulate extra collagen and elastin growth. The Lumenis M22 ResurFX laser has a unique CoolScan™ technology that prevents overheating and skin damage, while still producing an optimal therapeutic effect.

After treatment, you can return to work right away if you like. Over the next several months, you’ll notice a tightening and lifting effect as the new collagen and elastin fills in wrinkles and tightens your skin overall.

Most patients opt for a series of treatments for best results. Your Monarch Aesthetics care provider will work with you to create a skin tightening treatment plan that gives you the results you want.

How long does laser skin tightening last?

Laser skin tightening can last for up to a year, and you can maintain beautiful youthful results long-term with periodic touch-ups.

For tighter skin without face-lift or downtime, book your appointment at the Monarch Aesthetics location nearest you by phone or through the online scheduler.